POPs GMP data visualization and analysis

GMP1 analysis and visualization

Note: This part of the website is archived content of the former GMP1 data and content analysis. Please note that updated and valid overall global information is only available in the GMP Data Warehouse, in its Visualization 2014.

October 2016


This section contains review of available Global Monitoring Plan (GMP) data on persistent organic pollutant (POPs) concentrations that were found in regional GMP reports prepared pursuant to decision SC-3/19. Environmental matrices - ambient air, breast milk and human blood - serve as core media to evaluate effectiveness of the measures adopted by the Stockholm Convention pertaining to the decision SC-2/13 on the effectiveness evaluation and relevant Guidance document to the GMP.

Core part of the review focuses on data available for 12 initial POPs (including their recommended congeners, isomers and degradation products) that were mandatory to report in the first GMP collection campaign in 2008 and identifies other reported data on POPs that could be used in the future data collection campaigns.

This part also comprises assessment of reported data variability, reliability and completeness. The discrepancies that have been identified in the review process originate in missing standardization of reporting format and a lack of intercalibration of reporting process among countries and regions. Full report is available to download here.

In addition, an on-line visualization tool was developed to facilitate search over and work with the reported GMP data. The browser provides easily accessible information on performance of monitoring programmes in individual countries and/or regions sorted by matrices, time, and compounds. Only annually aggregated concentration values are shown.

Performed review of the GMP reports content is fully in line with tasks and milestones identified by the members of the Global Monitoring Plan Core Group (GMP CG) in their meeting report in March 2011 and in preliminary version of the updated GMP Guidance document.


Last update: 18 January 2013