POPs GMP data visualization and analysis

Statistical data processing

(published as Technical note to Chapter 3 of the Guidance on the Global Monitoring Plan for persistent organic pollutants, January 2013)

The aim of the technical note is to complement the statistical methodology published in the GMP Guidance Document, and to specify methodical procedures which should be employed when processing POPs concentration data reported in the GMP reports. Based on the practical data processing experience with the first GMP reports, this technical note specifies obligatory data fields which should be filled in order to allow correct interpretation of the data analysis. Finally, this text highlights the most important data pre-processing and processing steps and proposes a logical sequence of the statistical outcomes. The methodology is based on robust statistical methods which can be generally applied for statistical analysis of POPs concentrations in any environmental matrix. A case study is also presented which shows the outcomes of the proposed methodology on a selection of data from the first GMP reports.

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(please cite as: Ladislav Dušek, Jiří Jarkovský, Jana Klánová, Tom Harner, Ramon Guardans. Technical Note to Chapter 3 Statistical Considerations. In: United Nations Environment Programme: Guidance on the Global Monitoring Plan for Persistent Organic Pollutants. Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, Geneva (2013), p. 150-167