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GMP DWH compiles, archives and shows aggregated global data on POPs listed in the Stockholm Convention including supplementary data from core matrices – ambient air, human tissues (breast milk and blood), and water. The aim is to identify changes in POP levels over time and trends, where available. At present, it contains information related to the second phase of the Global monitoring Plan with data up to 2014. These data are presented also in the GMP regional monitoring reports.


The third GMP data collection campaign has been scheduled for 2020. Global Monitoring Plan third phase started after the release of the second round of regional monitoring reports (in 2015). The third data collection stage is currently ongoing to import POPs data from core matrices – ambient air, human tissues (breast milk and blood), and water into the GMP data warehouse. Deadline for data input is end of March 2020.


Access to the Data Management Console is for authorized users only – ROG members, data providers, consultants, system administrators, SC Secretariat. Authorized users of the system were identified by the respective ROG coordinators and each of them received access key to be able to work with the Data Management Console. That is a tool for online data input and management designed for importing both primary and aggregated POPs data ambient air, human blood, human milk and water. Data import is carried out within the MS Excel data sheets with a predefined structure. The Data Management Console is linked to a visualization tool, which provides overview of data collected to date in various phases of their validation and approval process.


Should you have questions or suggestions, please contact our GMP DWH team.


Last update: 5 February 2020